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Treatment Program

Agility multidisciplinary Orthopaedic Centres offer patient-centric functional rehabilitation...

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The DBC Treatment programme

Agility provides a Documentation Based Care (DBC) back and neck Treatment programme to treat and manage back and neck conditions that involve prolonged and severe pain.

The DBC treatment protocol allows you to receive appropriate treatment from an experienced doctor, physiotherapist and biokineticist over a period of 3 to 6 weeks.

Through specialised assessments administered by healthcare practitioners, using exercises and specialised machinery, this treatment protocol has helped patients to avoid surgery in many cases.

Outpatient Active

Rehabilitation Programme

You will be placed in an active rehabilitation and functional restoration programme that will include physical exercises and possibly other health related services such as medical pain management, physiotherapy and biokinetics treatment.   

Your muscle function, blood pressure, heart rate and balance will be monitored as required.

Participation in the rehabilitation programme may help to reduce your pain and disability and help you to return to work and safely engaging activities in your daily life. No assurance can be given that the rehabilitation programme will increase your exercise tolerance, pain tolerance or reduce the need for future surgical interventions, although considerable evidence indicates long-term improvement is usually achieved and maintained.