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Agility Orthopaedic Centres Exercise

Full Scope of Treatment

The full scope of active patient treatment at the Agility Centres include:

  • Restore active range of motion

  • Restore muscle coordination and movement control

  • Improving muscular endurance and strength

  • Improving quality of life

  • Re-education between normal loading and pain

  • Reducing fear and avoidance behaviour

  • Mitigating psychosocial obstacles

  • Encouraging continued activity

  • Individualised progressive exercise therapy

  • Area specific mobilisation

Each patient will undergo an individually assessed therapy program, followed by the treatment planning, the actual functional active treatment on devices for symptoms treatments, progress checks, the outcome assessment and maintenance program planning, and eventually the follow-up home-based program introduction to keep the restored range of motion and muscle coordination actively well performing.

After the assessment at the DBC Centre, the following will happen:

  • Patients will, where logistically possible, be enrolled in the DBC functional restoration program, if inclusion criteria are met. 

  • If an operation is required, the clinical staff will advise accordingly. 

  •  Emergency surgical cases will not require a DBC referral or an assessment.   

  • To assist you in decision-making, we have pleasure in including DBC back and neck management algorithms.

How To Access Treatment

Patient Referral


Schedule baseline assessment at DBC Centre


If found suitable for treatment at baseline assessment, enrolled onto DBC Program


Referral sources:


  • Scheme/Administrator

  • Specialist/GP

  • Self-referral/walk-in

Prescribed treatment based on surgical risk level determined during baseline assessment.


- Low Risk   - Medium Risk   - High Risk

Treatment commences


How to Access Treatment
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