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Agility Orthopaedic Centres Spine Treatment

About Agility

Agility multidisciplinary Orthopaedic Centres offer patient-centric functional rehabilitation...

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More About Us

Namibia Health Risk Solutions (NHRS) is a back and neck rehabilitation centre. Our physiotherapists and biokineticists treat back and neck pain with exercise and specialised machinery. 

Although this is not an exhaustive list, our therapists treat inflammation of back and neck muscles, post-traumatic and post-operative neck pain, back and neck pain from accident injury, nerve root compression, narrowing of the spinal canal, pelvic & lower back pain, Spondylolisthesis / lysis – spine pain from degeneration of the intervertebral discs, deformities of the back, Rheumatoid arthritis related pain, Sciatica – leg pain / tingling / numbness / weakness – that originates in the lower back and travels to the back of one or rarely both legs, spinal injury / trauma, soft tissue injury / whiplash and non-specific pain.

We offer a holistic solution for the treatment of chronic back and neck pain in Namibia. We use a 20 year old treatment protocol, developed by Documentation Based Care (DBC) in Finland to significantly reduce Musculoskeletal pain and restore quality of life. This treatment protocol maintains a 90% success rate of eliminating pain.  

Because we understand how debilitating back & neck pain can be, we offer an affordable solution that is non-invasive and takes into account your level of pain. Our treatment protocol does not involve any surgery or hospital stays, helps you to manage pain over a shorter period of time and costs an estimated 80% less than surgery. We truly care about our patients’ health and have negotiated with certain medical aid funds to cover the cost of treatment without depleting your medical savings.

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